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Garage door accessories (remote / key pad / opener)

M&L Universal Garage Door Services is well versed in garage door accessories. These fall under an interesting category since they are not usually required. Nevertheless, having them makes for a more convenient garage door operation, and some of them are bundled with your purchases anyway.

Still, they’re more likely going to be separate installations. Sometimes they may start to malfunction, making for an incredibly annoying situation for you. By systematically, investigating the components, our experienced team can troubleshoot and identify the root cause with accessory challenges remarkably well.

You never got these accessories only to have no choice but to open your garage door manually. We intend to ensure that by the time we leave, everything is working as it should.

Your opener could have internal wiring challenges, the motherboard in your keypad could be going bad, or a neighboring frequency could be interfering with the one that your remote responds to, causing suboptimal operation.

Expert diagnostics is a part of what we do, and we are certain that and we can help in the identification and resolution of whatever accessory challenges may come your way.

Of course, if you are installing these components for the first time to make your door operation more efficient, you can call us to take care of that too. We handle installations no less effectively than we handle repairs.

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