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Remember that a garage door is quite a complex system, as simple as it may appear. More importantly, it consists of a series of mechanical components that require maintenance to provide the best possible consistent functionality to you.

Whenever we complete garage door installation, we provide maintenance insights to our clients. However, we can also take care of maintenance tasks at scheduled intervals to prevent you from having to concern yourself too much with that.

Even with the top-rated manufacturers we use, if your garage door is not properly taken care of, it can drastically reduce what should be the useful life. So, what are some of the pillars of maintenance?

First, there is the visual inspection. This is a big part of what we do, and even you can do it periodically, so you’re better able to report any issues before they get significantly worse. Checking the springs, cables, tracks, pulleys, and panels regularly for any deviations from the norm is quite important.

Rollers, tracks, and springs require adequate lubrication for the best output. Not only is there a dip in the door in performance without it, but you open yourself up to the possibility of heavy wear and tear. Again, you want to preserve the integrity of your door for as long as is possible.

Cleaning and painting your garage door are other parts of the service package that we offer. This is not just about ensuring that year garage door maintains a visually appealing aesthetic. There is also the matter of protecting the door’s external surface area. Dust particles and potential rust can be cause for concern.

We also test your door’s balance by disconnecting the opener, removing any obstructions, and slightly manually opening the door to see if it stays in place.

Sometimes, components start going bad and they happen to be under warranty. In this case, provided that the damage wasn’t caused by you, you can get replacements for free that we can install on your behalf.

The way we handle maintenance tasks at M&L Universal Garage Door Services is nothing short of comprehensive and customer centric. Schedule your next maintenance exercise today and let us take care of the rest.

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