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New System (Extension System, Torsion System)

If you have garage door springs, they’re likely going to fall under either the torsion or extension system category.

The extension system is more popular, and it has been around much longer than its torsion counterpart. These use springs that are mounted on both sides of the garage door connected to the cables. They’re not too far removed from the springs that you would find in spring mattresses.

They’re less costly, easier to find, and there’s redundancy since when one spring breaks, another is providing some level of support, preventing the door from immediately falling. Unfortunately, they are not as safe as torsion springs and their setup requires more parts.

Torsion springs are newer on the block, and they tend to be mounted at the garage door opening’s header. A drum connects them to the cable. One torsion spring is enough to support a garage door since it doesn’t work as an extension spring does. However, some people have opted for dual torsion spring deployments to create some level of redundancy.

You find that torsion springs are more durable, safer to use, offer better control, and only require a few parts for their installation process.

So, which of the two are you interested in for your new system? Whether it’s a torsion system or an extension system, we have the expertise in-house to take excellent care of the setup process.

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