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Spring replacement

Using the right garage door springs is a big part of our spring replacement service. We know this requires an expert touch and the best resources that the industry has to offer. Our approaches to stick to high quality and high cycle springs, intended to give no less than 10,000 cycles. 

To put this into perspective, you should be able to operate with these springs for many years to come. Your springs are connected to cables, set in motion when you cycle through your garage door’s open and close states.

You can usually tell that you need a spring replacement when your door starts to squeak, opening and closing becomes difficult, there is a jerking motion, the door only opens a few inches, movement speed is reduced, or manual opening sees the door feel unreasonably heavy.

Whether you’re using torsion or extension springs, we have a comprehensive spring replacement same-day service to address these kinds of problems. 

M&L Universal Garage Door Service does more than just repair blindly. We assess the situation, discuss things with you, and proceed after talking through your best options with you.

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